/what is mind?

MIND-Milan Innovation District is the EXPO2015 legacy project and aspires to become a lively city district fostering collaborative innovation and the experimentation of ahead-of-the-times lifestyles, to create social, cultural and economic growth and to serve people’s well-being, locally and globally.

  • MIND is a Public-Private Partnership between the public company, Arexpo, and the real estate developer, Lendlease.

  • MIND is the first District dedicated to Innovation and Life Science of this scale in Italy.

  • MIND is the city of the future, where a new approach to health, research, entrepreneurship, and education is piloted to test innovative solutions and policies.

  • MIND is a place where large enterprises collaborate with SMEs, start-ups and research institutes, driven by a “collaborate to compete” paradigm within the collaborative legal framework of the “Federated Innovation”.

  • MIND will foster inclusive growth and increases the number of new jobs opportunities in the Italian innovation landscape.

  • MIND will be a Net Zero district by 2025 and an Absolute Zero by 2040, being a front-runner in the decarbonization agenda for cities

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/T-factor at mind

T-Factor aims to test and experiment a variety of meanwhile activities creating an initial engagement with both the local population and the community of MIND.

Overall objectives of the pilot in Milan are:

  • INCLUSION: Initiating meanwhile activities and events targeting the needs of the community (internal and external to MIND);
  • WELLBEING: measuring the impact of meanwhile activities on territory and people
  • SANDBOX: Boost a normative update in the present “meanwhile” regulation at the municipal level

pilot's stages

June → September, 2021

Exploring & Inquiring

  • Kick off Workshop in June, 2021.

September → December, 2021

Scoping & Ideating

January, 2022 → November, 2023

Prototyping & Iterating

  • Activity plans V1 in January, 2022
  • Transformation Camp in February, 2022
  • Activity plans V2 in April, 2022

December, 2023 → May, 2024

T-Factor’s Roadshow


Mind local coalition

PlusValue is an advisory company operating out of London, Milan and Brussels helping the world’s leading brands and public bodies to establish new models for sustainable growth that work for everyone. PlusValue works with purpose-driven organisations that want to move towards a sustainable future, aligning public and private interests.

LAND is an international landscape consultancy with offices in Italy, Switzerland and Germany and with high-profile projects throughout Europe, Canada, Middle East and Russia. Andreas Kipar and a team of more than 100 landscape architects, architects, urban planners, agronomists, engineers & researchers have been transforming regions, cities and places since 1990.
The consulting and design practice of LAND Group is fed by the activities of LAND Research Lab® (LRL) which aims to improve people’s well-being through the implementation of climate-positive solutions, participative processes and data-driven sustainability assessment. We advise public and private clients on how to innovate with nature by applying international policies and promoting collaborative planning procedures. Together with our clients and our extensive network of partners, we unlock the potential of the green transition within our society.

The Department of Design is part of Politecnico di Milano Design System (fifth position in 2021 QS World University Rankings – Art and Design) and operates in unison with the School of Design and POLI.design. It has come to represent the largest design department in Italy, rivalling centres of excellence at the international level and it part of an extensive network of relationships. The department conducts research and provides training and consulting services in fields ranging from intangible design to the concrete artefacts that populate our world. In particular, it has a long-term expertise in delivering and evaluating design innovation and policies both through and for design, in managing innovation processes within private, public and third sectors from a strategic and organizational point of view, and in creating interactive interfaces and sense making of data experiences. 

Founded in 1924, the University of Milan is among the top Italian universities in terms of scientific production in the Shanghai, Taiwan and Leiden rankings. It is the Italian leader in the field of Biomedicine, as well as the only Italian university in the League of European Research Universities (LERU), of which it is a founding member.

Both a research and a teaching university, it stands out for its strong multi- and inter-disciplinary approach. The tight methodological and cultural connections between different, ever-developing academic fields create a stimulating study and work environment.

With 8 faculties and 2 schools, the University of Milan offers 141 degree programmes, as well as 32 PhD programmes, and 65 postgraduate programmes.

Pilot associates

Wood*ing – wild food lab is a laboratory for research and experimentation dedicated to the use of wild food for human eating and nutrition.

Progetto Natura Onlus is a nonprofit association for biodiversity conservation, focused on harmonizing the relationship between man and nature.

Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “Vilfredo F. Pareto”

Harpo Verdepensile


Social Innovation Academy – Fondazione Triulza