BiodiverCity@Mind for Schools comes to an end: thanks to all!

This week saw the conclusion of “BiodiverCity@Mind for Schools“, the environmental education course undertaken by the first grade of the Franceschini Institute in Rho and the fourth grade of the Rodari Institute in Baranzate.

The initiative is part of the activities of the T-factor pilot in Milan at MIND and was realised through an experimental co-design and collaboration process involving Progetto Natura OnlusPolifactoryLAND, Fondazione TriulzaPlusValue.

“BiodiverCity@Mind for Schools” aimed to show the potential of environmental education activities to engage citizens and communities in sites undergoing regeneration. 

In the project’s previous phases, pupils understood the importance of urban biodiversity and its protection, both through theoretical activities in the classroom and through guided tours and practical exercises in the Herbula Wild Garden spaces at MIND. The third and final phase of the initiative took place entirely in the classroom. The Franceschini and Rodari students were asked to imagine and represent an urban green space with a small diorama to communicate what they had learned about urban biodiversity. The students’ works have been documented and made available online on this website as a future memory of the students’ work.

As the Local Coalition, we would like to express our gratitude to all the pupils and teachers who participated in the course and whom we hope to see again soon in the Herbula Wild Garden spaces for other biodiversity initiatives.

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