BioScopium: mapping and exploring urban biodiversity at MIND

We are glad to officially disclose a new experimentation called “Bioscopium”, a system for mapping and exploring urban biodiversity in urban regeneration contexts, that Polifactory and LAND are conducting as part of their endeavours within the T-factor Local Coalition’s Mission 2.

The prototype of this innovative system is developed by Polifactory, integrates advanced webcams with environmental sensors for an automated collection of biodiversity and natural ecosystems data. Bioscopium aims to become a tool for understanding how masterplans are impacting and co-evolving with natural habitats during the urban regeneration process and facilitate the field work of biodiversity experts.

The ambition is to fed public information systems and create a knowledge base that will help developers and public authorities to intervene on the masterplan or activate policies that consider biodiversity in urban planning.

This week we are deploying the first testing in relevant environment at MIND, in dialogue with relevant stakeholders and experts.

We will keep our network informed on future developments.

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