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life science open hub

We welcome you to the Life Science Open Hub, a meeting place for academia, companies and citizens, where art and science influence each other, creating immersive and emotive experiences and new opportunities at MIND – Milano Innovation District

Body fundamentals

At the heart of MIND is a soft sign, a curved shape containing the fundamentals of the human organism, the organs. Not mere replicas, but unique and individual organs, 3D printed using the research of the PRINTMED-3D project.

The exhibited artefacts dialogue with the space by emerging from the floor and becoming absolute protagonists.

The organs are also a metaphor for the MIND district and the city more generally, living organisms whose well-being also depends on their ability to adapt and evolve, interacting effectively with each other and the environment. Just as the human body has to adapt to new situations and present-day challenges, cities have to be able to adapt to social and environmental changes, interacting with new technologies.

“Body fundamentals” fits into this background: through a long process of curatorial and artistic research, the initiative showcases the transformative power of new technologies intended to benefit people’s health, demonstrating the importance and effectiveness of the interdisciplinary approach to the development of new products or services.

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The ‘Body Fundamentals’ exhibition is open from Monday the 8th of May to Saturday the 13th of May from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on occasion of the MIND Innovation Week, at The Hive building in  MIND- Milano Innovation District.

Admission is free.

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