Milan T-factor Roadshow: toward policy recommendations and institutional actions for temporary uses in Europe

The Milan T-factor Roadshow was organized and facilitated on November 16, 2023 by the Local Coalition at MIND Milan Innovation District. Roadshows are intended as a time for collective reflection on the activities carried out by the T-factor pilots, as well as on the future of temporary and meanwhile uses in Europe.

The event held at MIND involved a group of about sixty people from the Milan area and other European cities, including urban practitioners, real estate subjects, local authority representatives, and researchers.

Two different objectives were addressed by the working tables in the morning and afternoon, respectively.

During the morning, a panel of speakers shared several cases to explore the topic of temporary and meanwhile uses. From their input, participants had been working in groups, discussing a two-fold challenge: how to change regulations and how to develop public-private financial instruments for temporary and meanwhile uses.

In the afternoon, the discussion focused on the future of the Community House, one of the meanwhile uses developed by T-factor, and the development of its possible collaborative governance.

The work of this day aims to influence the White Paper on meanwhile uses that T-factor will publish as one of the outcomes of the project. We would like to thank all participants for granting us their time and knowledge.

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