MIND’s Community House becomes a reality: registration are open for Futurabili !

Registrations are officially open for Futurabili, the first career guidance course regarding the professions of the future and organized by the Community House of MIND-Milano Innovation District. The course is open for anyone between 18 and 34 living in one of the municipalities of the northwest Milan area or in the city of Milan.

Futurabili is born thanks to the joint effort of ROLD, CoopeRho, Fondazione Triulza and Design Tech which, with the support of Polifactory e PlusValue, co-designed the initiative.

This type of collaboration, that gathers together organizations inside and outside MIND for joint initiatives, exemplifies the principles at the basis of the Community House, of which Futurabili will represent the pilot initiative.


The Community House answers to T-Factor’s mission for the Milan pilot project and consists of a symbolic space dedicated to the creation of synergies between MIND’s business actors and nonprofit organizations from the area. The Community House will create these synergies through co-designed events, initiatives and services, showing how temporary uses can facilitate the gradual overcoming of perceived barriers and differences between inside and outside, in a spirit of exchange and collaboration.

Between May 17 and 25, 2023, with the support of a team of experts from ROLD and Design Tech, Futurabili will offer a series of educational experiences aiming at career guidance. Each educational experience will be dedicated to a specific theme that will characterize the professions of the future: Artificial Intelligence, Rapid Prototyping, Advanced Materials, and Industry 4.0.

Participation is free and registration will close on May 8, 2023.

More information about Futurables and the link for registration can be accessed on the dedicated page: mind.t-factor.eu/futurabili-community-house

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