Observing and experiencing urban biodiversity: the second phase of BiodiverCity@MIND for Schools has concluded

Yesterday was concluded the second phase of BiodiverCity@MIND for Schools, an environmental education activity that so far has involved four fourth-grade classes of the Rodari Institute from Baranzate, a town in the province of Milan.

BiodiverCity@MIND for Schools is an initiative realized by the local T-Factor coalition, Polifactory, LAND and PlusValue, in collaboration with Progetto Natura Onlus and in connection with Herbula Wild Garden, one of T-Factor’s temporary uses for the Milan pilot project. In line with the principles of Herbula, BiodiverCity@MIND for Schools intends to support students in understanding and proctecting urban biodiversity.

The initiative consists of 3 phases.

The first phase (Knowing and Understanding) was held at the Rodari Institute in Baranzate on March 2, 2023.
On this day, experts from Progetto Natura Onlus introduced the topic of urban biodiversity in two hours of lessons for each class. The lessons consisted of presentation moments and interactive activities so that pupils could start reflecting on the topic of urban biodiversity.

In the second phase (Observing and Experimenting), held on March 14 and 15, 2023, the classes left their classrooms for a school trip to MIND-Milano Innovation District

Specifically, after a brief presentation, students were involved in an actual Biodiversity Tour, during which they explored the spaces of MIND and its different green areas under the guidance of Progetto Natura Onlus. In each area, students were asked to write down their perceptions of the surrounding nature through the five senses, and to analyse the biodiversity present through special “observation grids“.

Later, the morning ended with an green workshop at Herbula, a series of hands-on educational activities. The classes assembled bug hotels for different types of insects and composed seed bombs for seeding Herbula with native herbs and flowers.

In the next weeks the Phase 3 will start. The same classes will be asked to reflect on what they learnt so far, through the creation of dioramas that should tell about the importance of MIND’s biodiversity according to their personal vision. As the elementary classes of Rodari will conclude the third phase of BiodiverCity@Mind for Schools, the same cycle of activities will start again for 3 other classes, this time from the Franceschini Middle School in the town of Rho (also in the province of Milan).

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