T-Factor at ITTBioMed Launch Conference

As part of its mission to foster the identity of MIND to a broader audience the Milan pilot participates as Media Partner to the launch of ITT Biomed, a new dissemination initiative of scientific and biomed topics at the national level founded and launched by Edra publishing company, and supported by various stakeholders, among which Lendlease Italy and MIND.

The primary aim of T-Factor is to disseminate in an engaging, understandable, and catchy way the scientific and R&D knowledge produced within the district to reach relevant communities beyond scientists and researchers (i.e. nurses, GPs, pharmacists, and citizens at large interested in health issues but without an academic background in medicine) showing on one side that science progress produce advancements for the whole society and telling real life stories and case studies, and secondly positioning MIND as a place of opportunities for all.

The event will be held in MIND on the 19th of September. Among the exceptional speakers, Fiorenza Lipparini, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of PlusValue, will speak on behalf of T-Factor and the MIND district.

To participate online, sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/biglietti-ittbiomed-launch-conference-sign-up-for-the-event-685537580357

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