Herbula Wild Garden opens!

Herbula Wild Garden opens its spaces to the public with the event “Civic Nature – Viaggio nella Biodiversità Urbana a MIND“, which took place yesterday during the MIND Innovation Week with more than 50 participants from the real estate, universities and public administration.

The inauguration culminates a work begun in September 2022 by the Local Coaliton of T-factor’s Milan Pilot, which created a temporary garden-laboratory in MIND’s for communities and citizens to learn and appreciate urban biodiversity and its value.

Herbula was co-design and co-created thanks to the involvement of its possible beneficiaries in various moments prior to its opening: starting from a Collective Gardening event involving the MIND community, to activities dedicated to schools from the surrounding area, such as BiodiverCity@MIND for Schools and Herbula Lab.

Yesterday’s opening was also the occasion to present Herbula’s open exhibition, which will remain open to the public throughout the year. The exhibition consists of an experiential path where visitors can find various information panels and display boards that help them recognise herbs and wildflowers, learn how to consciously use them in the everyday life, and get to know the animals (large and small) that live in the city. The exhibition also invites visitors to visit Herbula’s digital archive, online at this website, which can be accessed via QR codes scattered around the area, and help map biodiversity by following the simple instructions on the panels.

For the duration of the T-factor project, Herbula Wild Garden and its exhibition will remain freely accessible to people currently working in the MIND spaces and to the general public.

For the entire T-factor project, Herbula Wild Garden and its exhibition will remain freely accessible to the people currently working in MIND’s spaces and to the general public.

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